A solo traveler in Leon, Spain

One of my greatest dreams is to take ‘El Camino’. The closest I  could get to that dream was my stay at Leon, Spain. Leon was the last of  my stops after having stayed in Madrid, Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba and Aranjuez. Thanks to Renfe’s pass; I was able to book multiple trips during my whole stay at a fixed price.

I arrived in Leon around midnight. At first I was kind of scared, I didn’t have any hotel prebookings and I was a stranger arriving late at night in the city.

Photo 16-7-16, 5 22 05 AM

My slight uneasiness was gone the moment  I saw these. Once again, I was in awe.

Photo 16-7-16, 5 24 05 AMPhoto 16-7-16, 5 51 58 AMPhoto 16-7-16, 5 53 54 AMPhoto 16-7-16, 5 54 37 AMPhoto 16-7-16, 6 07 11 AM

I was already tired but I had to drink coffee al fresco. (yes I easily found a hotel to spend that night near Catedral de Leon.)

In the morning, I quickly moved to Hostal Boccalino (a really nice hotel), opposite Basilica de San Isidoro.

View from my hotel room:

Photo 16-7-16, 6 08 20 PM


Basilica de San Isidro






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