33 things I learned in 30+ years

1. On decision-making:  “In five years’ time will I regret the consequences of doing/not doing something?” This made me take a big leap ie move to another country or took a chance with someone (which didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be but that’s another story.)

2. On time: Time is valuable. Opportunities. Happiness. Lessons. And a lot more. When it’s a waste of time, don’t bother.

3. On happiness: Happiness lies within me. It isn’t something brought by something or someone. I believe in nourishing happiness and sharing it with another. Travelling alone makes me happy; doing nothing, yoga, spending time with people who matter to me as well.

4. When I don’t know, ask: I’d rather ask an expert than assume that I know

5. On rudeness:  It’s always not about  me. It reflects the character of the person doing it.

6. On traveling solo:  Don’t wait for the right time. Adventure awaits. Always.

7. On love: Although I am not expert as I’ve lived most of my life single (unattached), I know that love is not proud. It rejoices in good things. It is not selfish. Love just happens. I only need to be ready for it.

8. On idle time: I will do whatever makes me happy. No rush.

9. On differences: Sometimes it is hard to accept that people close to me have different opinions  or beliefs.  Love  and respect still needs to  reign.

10. On spur-of-the-moment things: Think twice. Trust my instincts.

11. On criticism: I am continuously learning. I cannot please everyone.

12. On family: Time is valuable. Treasure and spend more time with loved ones.

13. On friends: True friendships last a lifetime.

14. On finding the right job: Find a supportive boss and a work culture that brings out the best in me.

15. On strangers in new cities: Trust people but trust my instincts first.

16. On pets: Pets are God’s gift.

17. On reading: It takes me to worlds unknown. I have to read more these days.

18. On living alone: Freedom.

19/ On baking: I want to build my patisserie business someday.

20. On yoga: Key to my mental well-being.

21. On laughter: Elixir of youth.

[Work in progress…]

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